How to Maintain Your St. Augustine Grass

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If you have already followed my advice and bought yourself some St. Augustine Grass Seeds to plan in your garden, then now you must be wondering how to do your garden’s maintenance. To accomplish that objective, you will be amazed if you choose St Augustine grass, because St. Augustine grass is resistant, beautiful and fairly easy to plant. However, St Augustine Grass is sometimes difficult to maintain due to its inability of growing in cold places. In this article we will cover several different ways of getting your garden to look gorgeous with a small effort.

First, you should definitely order a soil test. This is usually ignored by most people, but it is crucial that you do it, because with no soil test, you won’t be able to know what type of fertilizer your grass will need. If you use a bad fertilizer, chances are that your garden will get destroyed.

Another important thing is that, you need to ensure that you adjust your current mower blade according to the particular region in which you planted the St. Augustine Grass. For example, if the lawn is at a place where the sunlight is bright and shiny, you need to set your mower blade to a decrease position, because, as you cut the lawn more frequently, the importance for a strong root becomes notable.

Last, but not least, it’s essential for you, or whoever cuts and maintains your grass, to pay close attention to pests. There’s a certain type of insect who has the capacity of spoiling your St. Augustine Grass. And sadly, they don’t do that on a small region. They will act over a huge area, which is a genuinely boring if you like to have a pretty lawn. Luckily, any sort of general insecticide is going to exterminate these insects; nevertheless, you need to make sure that you take them all away, given that they reproduce themselves extremely fast.

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  1. Marcus says:

    Your recommendation to “adjust your current mower blade according to the particular region in which you planted the St. Augustine Grass.” was good advice. Ive heard that St. Augustine grass can be difficult to cut with some mowers. In my research, I found that robotic lawn mowers can be really great for these types of lawns. They can teach themselves how many times a week to cut the lawn and will also adjust their cutting depending on how thick that lawn is and since the blades are so sharp, they will keep the lawn beautifully trimmed and healthy.

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